VJMina – Fiverr Pricing

Hi there ! So you do not have to dig into all the pages and examples to know what price is for what service, here is a sum up of my prices for video Gigs. I can also make a special price quote for you for custom orders, just ask by sending me a message on Fiverr, here : http://www.fiverr.com/users/minkymina

Full videos :

  • $20 already-made template “wave generator” up to 5 minutes
  • $35 text-to-video, 1 minute
  • $40 already-made template, 25 sec, 3 images
  • $60 with only picture, for artists, about 20 seconds, any idea
    OR already-made template 1 minute, 7 images
  • $80 with only picture, any idea, about 1 minute
    OR already-made template, including videos
  • $120 with videos
  • $200 with full artistic direction

What is “already-made template”? :
It means you already know what you want from my live portfolio on Fiverr : look at the video presentations, and choose.
How do we work without “already-made template”? :
We will go back and forth and I will show you different examples that could fit your concept, then adjust it up to your needs.

  • Special price : MMA video, see Gig for details
  • Video montage : it means I will cut and edit your videos into a long video. Cost : $30 per minute of final video.
    If you want to add a logo reveal to your montage, intro and outro (see here), ask me for a custom offer.