Atelier customisation SFR

Le studio SFR nous présente l’atelier de customisation Espace Fashion qui prend place dans une de ses enseignes parisienne (9 rue Tronchet dans le 8e).

Le principe est de pouvoir y venir faire customiser nos objets préférés!

Gravure laser et diamant, strassage, pose de Skin Jam : du téléphone portable à la chaussure, en passant bien sûr par votre console de jeu portable, Jean Benoit réalise des créations sur mesure et celles d’Irina VOLKONSKII, qui fît l’ouverture en 2008, sont aussi présentées.

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  2. I purchased some work from her.But she didn't send it to me.Their worth is like 900 euro.When I first requested her to pay back, meeting her in person, she said she would pay it back.But she didn't.When I called her 1yr ago, asking refund, she said " I will pay some money back each month. I have disaterous life in Paris. I am lack of money.", with CRYING and with pity voice.So i decided to give one more.But she's never paid back.I will attach her email to me.1st mailFrom IRINAAs you know my company closed three years ago,so there won't be any money paid to your accound, because in the regard of the law I am not responsible for this . But i feel really sorry for this whole story,and I am ready to propose you a deal in order to make things cool. You will receive this evening a list of items (some of them worth about 1500 euros). You can choose one item which will offer. This is a fair and generous proposition you should accept. Otherwise, feel free to loose energy telling whatever you want to whoever you want!But She never sent any list to me.2nd mailFrom IRINAYou got me! I'm a crook! And you should get a job. Send me your lawyers! See you at the tribunal sweaty!3rdDear Huang Tong Tang, It is always a pleasure to hear from you.I hope everything goes well for you in China, and I think you should not wait 20 more hrs, why don't you achieve your blackmail now? Tick Tack Booooooooooom! Lots of compassion,IrinaSHE IS NOT ARTIST. DO NOT TRUST HER.SHE IS CROOK as she call herself.

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